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Insurance Coverage

Consultation, Testing, and Therapies offered by our clinic are on the cutting edge of Human Genomics, a rapidly evolving filed. Insurance coverage would depend on each carriers assessment of the effectiveness of these therapies and the stage of your symptoms. The clinic is happy to accept your insurance coverage, but we need your help in getting their written commitment of medical necessity of the contemplated care.

Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

Cancellations / Late Arrivals / Walk-Ins

  • Please call / email us 24 hours in advance if unable to keep your appointment. No Shows and same day Cancellations will be billed $25 to discourage disruption of patient care in the clinic.
  • If you are 15 minutes late for your appointment, our staff will ask the doctor to help determine when best to see your child. You may be worked into the schedule with a wait, you may be given the next available appointment, or you may be asked to reschedule.  This will help us balance the needs of all of our patients.
  • Walk-in patients are not accepted at Georgia Wellness Clinic due to the pre-visit preparation required for Personalized Medicine consultation and Genetic Testing ordering.

New Patients 

We ask all new patients to please arrive at least fifteen minutes in advance. Please register at our Secure Patient Portal to complete your registration and medical history at time of appointment request. Please bring relevant medical paperwork, including previous tests and clinical notes from prior physician visits.

You may also download the registration form from this site and fill out a paper copy and bring it with you. Please bring all relevant paperwork from your previous physicians, including prior genetic and laboratory test results.  


This form provides patient and insurance information. You may complete this form online, using our Secure Portal or fill out the Registration Form at home and bring it with you for your visit.  

Financial Policy:

This form acknowledges clinic financial policies. You may complete this online using our Secure Portal or complete the Financial Policy Form at home and bring it with you at time of visit.

HIPAA Agreement:

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) passed congress in 1996 and provides guidelines for handling patient privacy. You may complete this through our Secure Portal Registration or complete the attached HIPAA agreement in at home and bring it with you for your visit. This confirms your understanding of clinic policies on HIPAA and your agreement on people that may have access to patient records.

Medical Records Transfer:

Request release of medical records into our clinic. For patients transferring from other practices to our clinic. 

Medical Records Release:

Request release of medical records to another physician or clinic.

Patient Referral:

Please use this for Physicians or Providers that would like to refer patients to our clinic. 

Clinic HIPAA Policy:

Provides information on clinic policies on handling patient records to comply with HIPAA 

Referrals :

For referrals, please complete the Referral Form and advise the referring physician that our office will be contacting them.